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Celebration Time! A Graduation Story.


We are happy to share this story from Big Sister Sarah about her match:

When I was a little girl I got a Big Sister through BBBS. We remained matched for 7 years. I didn't realize then how much of a difference this special lady made in my life. I knew that I loved spending time with her and how much fun we had, but as I got older I looked back and was very thankful for everything she had done for me. We had lost contact for quite a number of years. At a certain point I decided I wanted to give back to the program and be that person for another child who needed a mentor in their life.

It has been pretty awesome to see Karissa grow and change through the years. When we first met she was a shy young lady in middle school. I remember Karissa was a very picky eater and was hesitant to try many new foods. Now on her way to being a professional chef, Karissa has a much broader appetite and is willing to try new things, I think I had a significant influence on her love to be in the kitchen, which is where we spent a fair share of our time together cooking, baking, and creating!

Karissa and I became quick friends! She and I have a similar sense of humor and had no shame in being silly together and didn't care how we looked or who saw us! I look back over the years and can think of so many smiles and laughs and fun activities. Karissa and I have done lots of things together including trips to the beach, mini golf, shopping, movies, arts and crafts, going out to breakfast, lunch, dinner, ice cream, and even Karissa's first concert! But the times we spent in my home might be some of my fondest memories! We loved doing mani/pedis, we'd do face masks, give each other makeovers, started traditions together like carving pumpkins, making gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, and laughing until we cried doing mad libs! 

I became a Big Sister because I wanted to do for someone else what someone did for me, I wanted to give back to the program that helped me through some tough times in my childhood. It has been very rewarding to be this person in Karissa's life. Honestly I feel like Karissa has done as much for me as I have done for her though our match. I would look forward to our time together and it was an escape for me as well. Karissa and I have been there for each other like sisters are. We have had our fun but we have also shared our tough times and tears and have been there when the other needed to talk.

Now Karissa is a young adult about to graduate high school and head off to college. I'm so proud of her, the person I have seen her grow to become and what she has already accomplished. I'm going to miss her but I know that she isn't leaving my life because we'll always be sisters and I can't wait to see what amazing things are in store for her!

Big Sister, Sarah 

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