Our Vision is That All Youth Reach Their Full Potential

Our Mission

Create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

Our Evidence-based Mentoring Ignites Potential for NH's Youth.

One Friendship. Endless Possibilities.

Our mentoring is recognized nationally as an evidence-based, preventive practice by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. We help children build resilience that lasts a lifetime against risk factors, including:

  • Academic struggles
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Difficult temperament
  • Disadvantage
  • Discrimination
  • Emotional trauma
  • Family instability
  • Family mental health
  • Incarcerated parent
  • Low self-esteem
  • Peer rejection
  • Socioeconomic
  • Substance misuse

Our Impact

 believe their Big provided stability when they needed it.

 say that their Big helps them make better choices.

 grew or maintained in their parental trust.

 improved or maintained social acceptance.

 say their Big made them feel better about themselves.

 improved or maintained their attitude towards school & their grades.

Program Highlights

Crisis does not change us, it amplifies who we are.

In ways large and small, the COVID-19 pandemic frayed and stretched the invisible thread between us all: connection to our families, our friends, our community. Yet, as always, Bigs and Littles remained a light in each other’s lives.

Penning letters of hope, laughing over video chats, or visiting parks and trails, Bigs and Littles forged and strengthened friendships in spite of the distance. In-person meetings at our four workplace and two Bigs in Badges mentoring sites in the state were discontinued, but those matches remain in touch and ready to pick up where they left off.

Pivoting swiftly to tackle 2020’s challenges, BBBSNH also made strides in better reaching marginalized youth. We launched PRISM (Pride, Respect, Identity, Safety, Mentoring)—a partnership with Seacoast Outright focusing on LGBTQA+ youth and mentors. Serving a growing number of LGBTQA+ youth, we’re improving enrollment practices and training for mentors and staff. We also ramped up training about trauma for mentors and staff, allowing them to better support youth who have histories of adversity, such as abuse or neglect.

In the year to come, we continue to balance our strategic efforts to serve more youth, meet the complex needs of each child, and advocate for equity in the Granite State.

Cost to Make a Match

It costs on average, $1,800 to make and support each mentoring match per year. We do not charge fees to families or volunteers. All our funding is raised locally, and we rely on the support of foundations, individuals and businesses.

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