BBBSNH Kick-A-Thon


Thank you to everyone who participated in our first-ever Kick-A-Thon and Armbar-A-Thon!


On Saturday, February 4th, we had ten academies participate in our first-ever Kick-a-thon and Armbar-A-Thon to raise awareness and funds for our youth.

From the Mixed Martial Arts Schools: "As martial artists, we believe in the importance of defending youth in our communities and the importance of strong mentoring relationships. We, therefore, came together across the state to support BBBSNH."

During the Kick-A-Thon and Armbar-A-Thon, martial artists performed as many kicks or armbars as they could in sixty seconds. These students gathered donations through friends, families, coworkers, neighbors, etc., who could pledge dollars per kick or armbar.

Our hope was to raise $15,000… 
We exceeded that by raising $18,000!

#BiggerTogether #ItTakesAVillage #BBBSNH 
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