2024 Bigs of the Year


Congratulations to our 2024 Bigs of the Year!

Tim David

Tim David is described by many as selfless, compassionate, and always lends a hand if he is able. Little Brother Jaydin has had a hard childhood, but when his family got some stability, their parents thought it would help to be matched with a law enforcement mentor. This match started off as a Site Based Match and the two met at Jaydin's school once a week. Tim did not blink once when he learned about the Jaydin and the turmoil he had endured as a young child. He was happy to be matched with Jaydin. This match hit it off! Playing games at the site, getting outside as much as possible and having a snack together. Shortly after the match began, Tim's role at work was changing and he had plans to take on different responsibility within the department. Tim did not want to end the match because of the connection the two had been forming in just a few months. Match Advisors spoke with Jaydin's parents and they agreed that they could make community based programming work. Now, Tim and Jaydin see each other every other weekend. They go walks with their dogs, build models together, go to the park, and go out in nature. Tim loves the outdoors and animals and it was a passion of his that he hoped Jaydin would enjoy doing with him. Jaydin was so happy to spend time with Tim that he really didn’t care what they did each week. They have been matched for two years now and haven’t skipped a beat. Tim talks to him about school, his family life, and his past family trauma, and his hopes and dreams.

They work through peer and social scenarios that happen to Jaydin at school, and try to figure out the better choices Jaydin could have made. Tim is consistent with Jaydin, and truly cares about Jaydin's future. They often talk about the future, and Tim has found it so wonderful to hear Jaydin possibly want to work in law enforcement himself one day. When Jaydin is having a tough time at school, he and Tim are able to talk about it and learn from what happened. Tim made a goal for Jaydin to not get sent to the principal’s office for 60 consecutive days. Jaydin did one better and hasn’t gotten in trouble at school for the last 12 months. The two are really able to just enjoy each other’s time together, they love simple activities together like throwing the football around and working on their next model car/airplane/structure. Tim is able to take his law enforcement hat off and show Jaydin that police officers are just regular people at the end of the day. This has really opened Jaydin's eyes and he has been able to reflect on his biological’s parents decisions that were made when he was a baby. Tim was present during Jaydin's adoption ceremony, as he entered middle school, and will be there for his first time driving, and high school graduation. Tim takes his role as a big brother seriously and always wants the best for his little.

Melissa Brogle


Big Sister Melissa and Little Sister Junie have been matched since September 2021 and their bond was instant! Melissa and Junie hit the ground running with adventures of creating their own garden plot, visits to the library, art projects, swimming at the beach or local pool and nature adventures. Melissa is described as kind, patient, gentle, and inspiring. Junie's mother shares that Melissa is “teaching us selflessness and inspires us both to be our best selves that we can be.”

Melissa encourages Junie to be adventurous and brave when trying new things including touching “creepy crawlers”. Junie talks about Melissa as part of the family and tells people all about her Melissa and how “she’s the most perfect Big Sister she could have asked for” Junie's mother adds “Melissa is truly a bright and shining soul and we’re truly grateful to be matched with the best Big we could have ever asked for!”

Melissa is not just committed to Junie but is always lending a helping hand in the community including promoting BBBSNH at every opportunity she can. Melissa has planned activities for fellow matches including a night of holiday lights at Sandy Hill and an educational adventure at Great Bay Discovery Center. Melissa and Junie have also enjoyed attending a deep sea fishing excursion with other BBBS matches!

Mom says “Watching their bond develop over the past 2 years has been truly magical”

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