RISE to the occassion

SPRING into ACTION! Become a Mentor today. There are 150 youth in the Granite State patiently waiting for YOU! ūü§Ě


Between now and April, we are on a mission to recruit BIGS! Is that you, or maybe you know someone who would make a great mentor for youth. We have many mentoring options and flexible schedule investment. All you have to do is show up! We will take care of the rest.

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Busting myths one big at a time

"I don't have enough time"

All you need is a few hours a month! We get roughly 730 hours a month.. read that again. Then ask yourself, do I have two to four hours to give to a child? We ask that you spend time with your Little, at minimum, two hour sessions, twice a month. Now, subtract four hours from 730 and you have 726 hours for the rest of your month - does this sound like something YOU could offer a child in our community?

"I'm too old" OR "I'm too young" 

The truth is, our Bigs range in age between 18-78 years of age. Empty nesters make great Bigs, but so do young adults. Our Enrollment and Matching Specialists spend a great amount of time and effort making sure you find the perfect match with a Little on our waitlist. At BBBSNH, we believe that anyone can be a mentor. The youth in our program are looking for an adult they can trust, someone they can learn from, and someone they can talk to. Age may just be a number, but the 100+ kids on our waitlist are not. 

"I'm not trained in childcare, child development, or social work"

That's fair. That is why when we say BBBSNH will fully support you, we mean it. All BBBSNH volunteers (Bigs) receive pre-match training. This includes specialized training. Thereafter, volunteers are fully supported by an assigned Match Support Specialist (MSS) for the duration of their match. This includes regular check-ins and communication, guidance through scenarios, ongoing training support, and additional resources. Our professional team is always there for you to provide you with the support you need to ensure the best possible experience. 

Our Impact

Our mentoring programs are effective in the short-term AND long-term. More than 90 percent of the children and teens in our mentoring programs experience academic, social, and emotional growth within the first year. Our model is evidence-based. 

  • 93% of our Littles are saying no to drugs, violence, and skipping school
  • 92% of our Littles have plans to graduate high school and attend college
  • 86% of our Littles are staying on track with, or improving, their grades
  • 96% of our Littles see their Big as a very important adult in their life
  • 91% of our Littles feel a strong sense of belonging among peers

The critical short-term measurements reported from these annual surveys are linked to long-term outcomes such as graduating college and finding a career.

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Challenge the Stats

  • 1 in 3 kids in America lack a sustained positive mentor in their lives.

Flexible Time Investment 

  • BBBSNH offers a flexible time investment that can fit into anyone's schedule. We have flexible programming to meet you where you are whether that's nights, weekends or even during your lunch break!

Access to Resources

  • As a Big, you will have access to a variety of resources and support from the organization. This includes training, guidance, events, and activities¬†to do with your Little.

Personal Growth

  • Volunteering with BBBSNH can also help you grow personally. You can try new things and gain new experiences with people in your community.


  • Being a Big is an incredibly fulfilling experience. Knowing that you are making a difference in a child's life and helping them reach their full potential will bring a great sense of accomplishment and joy.

We are here for our Bigs with access to specialized training, outreach and networking with other Bigs, on-going coaching, and planned activities you can do with your Little! 

We help take the guess work out the equation and are with you every step of the way. 


If you would like to chat with one of our professional team members, please contact us! Call (603) 430-1140. After that, choose #1 from the menu options. From there, leave a voicemail and someone from our Enrollment team will give you a call back! 

You can also reach out to Lauren at lbradshaw@bbbsnh.org


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