Alumni Week Feature Steve and Christian


Celebrating Big Brother Steve and Little Brother Christian during National Alumni Week


We asked Big Brother Steve: What do you like best about being a Big?
Initially it was just being able to do fun things, like play basketball together or visit an amusement park.  Then the best part transitioned into the friendship and watching this little person who looks up to you develop into a young adult and eventually into an adult.  There is an invaluable amount of pride that comes from that. 

What do you like best about your Little?
He is one of my very best friends.  I was so lucky to be matched so well (eternal gratitude to the match specialist!) with a person who is so compatible and of such high character.  

What are you most thankful for when it comes to your match?
The friendship that developed will last a lifetime.

Can you share one of your most favorite memories with your Little and why that was?
My kayak has an oversized opening because it is intended for fishing. One day, I decided that an adult and small child (with life preservers, of course) could easily fit so we set off to the water in Portsmouth. We stayed close to shore by Prescott Park and the wake from a boat caused the kayak to capsize. Once in the water, his eyes grew wide and it was clear that he was scared.  I quickly went to him and brought him to shore. He was quiet the rest of the visit together, but I feel that the experience, while scary, showed that I’d be there for him and we could survive unpleasant experiences. 

There were many others, such as going with him to get his driver’s license (also because I have an automatic transmission), trying to teach him to drive a standard, a trip to Fenway Park where he asked to play at the Storrow Drive playground instead of going to the game, Halloween haunted houses, trick or treating, Canobie Lake Park, I could go on and on.

Any special traditions you have as a match over the almost 20 years together?
We always go out to eat for his birthday.  Every year, his choice of restaurant.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, Steve!

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