2024 Bigs of the Year


It's THAT time of the YEAR! Time to give flowers where they are due and capture our nominations for our GOATS of the Year, we mean Bigs of the Year!🐐🌺🐐🌺🐐🌺You have until December 1st to submit your nominations! Visit this link to submit.Please note:

  • Tell us in 500 words or less, “How has your Big Brother or Big Sister made a difference in your life?” Parents/Guardians of Littles are also welcome to submit nominations (or assist Little's in writing their nominations). 
  • Please provide details and examples.  Your story helps other's see how wonderful your Big is. Details help to create a narrative so more people (voters) can get to know your Big and see why they are so great!
  • The Volunteer and Little Brother or Sister must be in an active match and have been officially matched through BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.

Trouble completing the form? Email your nomination to Elliot Weiner at eweiner@bbbsnh.org.

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