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CEO Corner October 2021


Who was your mentor? Have you ever thought about who got you to where you need to be? Of course we all have someone that got us to where we are today or helped us get to where we needed to go – even when we might not have had the vision for ourselves. A person that pushed you to believe in something bigger.

For me, one of those people was my dear friend, Kerry. I met Kerry back when I was a sophomore in high school and since that day over 30 years ago, I have never forgotten the impact she had on the trajectory of my life. I remember the support I use to get from her showing up to see me present in front of my high school class or the care packages (with yum homemade chocolate chip cookies) I used to get from her in college. I might not remember all the conversations or the great things she did for me over the years, but I do remember the way it made me feel... Worthy, cared for and a sense of belonging are just a few things that come to mind. Again, someone pushing behind me when sometimes I couldn’t see my own path. Over the years, I have been lucky to have many mentors along the way that guided and inspired me. Can you think of someone that did that for you?

We are kicking off our Thankful Giving Campaign to honor the mentors in our life. Did you know that many children will not encounter a mentor on their own? Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire does exactly that – puts a mentor in the life of youth that need it the most. We couldn’t realize the important mission of this organization without our mentors volunteering over 26,700 hours this past year and our amazing team of staff that work tirelessly to make the right match. They recruit, interview, assess, train and provide ongoing resources and stability to EVERY SINGLE match we make between a child and mentor. We raise all our funds through grants, individuals and businesses – to keep our services free to every youth that needs a mentor. Every dollar raised by the community.

Honor the mentors in your life by donating to support the children in our communities who are waiting to be matched. We currently have over 200 youth waiting for a mentor and we won’t stop working to match every child that wants a mentor, with one! 

We need your help to do this. Here are 2 simple things you can do right now to support our Thankful Giving Campaign:

  • Donate to support a mentor match
  • Forward this to a few friends so…
    • they can sign up for our newsletter and learn more about the mission of creating and supporting mentoring relationships and/or
    • they might want to volunteer 4 hours a month to mentor

We can do this together! Support mentoring because we know it works and we want to honor the mentors that have made a difference in each of our lives!

With gratitude,

Stacy W. Kramer, CEO

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