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CEO Corner May 2021


Who is the best teacher you ever had? For me, one of my favorites was Mr. Proulx, my 9th grade math teacher. I still think about how much he impacted my life – believing in me and helping me strive for greatness (especially in math of all subjects!)

Whether it’s a teacher or a mentor, connecting youth with positive role models can assist them in reaching their full potential. Youth in our programs are often struggling in school with the pandemic adding to the stress of academics and having a positive social group. Bigs in our programs meet with their Littles on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help with homework, read a book, write a story, give advice or simply listen to whatever is impacting their Littles’ life.

Last year, 77% of youth in our program maintained or improved in their educational expectations. At least 92% of youth maintained or improved in their attitudes towards risky behaviors (such as smoking, skipping school or using drugs). And even during the pandemic, 65% of youth maintained or improved in social acceptance. Mentorship works!

With May being Mental Health Awareness month, we’re also reminded how our programs help families and the community achieve good mental health. We offer trauma-informed mentoring and opioid misuse prevention training as part of our ongoing training. With this training, support staff and mentors can better understand and respond to the physical, emotional and psychological impacts of trauma on a child, and learn strategies to help children in our program cope with these impacts.

Thank you to all the teachers, mentors, and other individuals helping to keep our youth healthy and safe. We are forever grateful for your role in improving outcomes for youth in the Granite State.

Remember, when you can be anything in this world…be kind.

Stay well friends,

Stacy W. Kramer, CEO

PS: If you have moved or if you have updated contact information, please reply back and let me know your new contact information. Thanks!

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