Young Philanthropists for Mentoring (YP4M)


This National Mentoring Month, we celebrate our mentors and volunteers who make a difference every day in the lives of NH's youth. One such group is our own Young Philanthropists for Mentoring (YP4M).

YP4M is made up of 12-15 members who come from different professional and personal backgrounds but all share a passion for raising awareness and support for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire (BBBSNH).

Since its inception, YP4M has raised more than $200,000 for BBBSNH, forever changing the lives of more than 150 Granite State children. The group's primary focus is the annual Stiletto Sprint. Over the years, the event has grown from a small gathering to a major weekend attraction in downtown Portsmouth. The high-energy event typically draws hundreds of fans, lining the streets to cheer for high-heel-clad, 40-yard dashers.

Mitch Hartmann was one such onlooker, who later became a YP4M member:

"After I went to downtown Portsmouth and 'ran' in my first Stiletto Sprint as just a participant, I knew that I wanted to get more involved in the program. The energy of the crowd, sprinters, and enthusiasm from our sponsors made me want to join up and be a part of helping the kids that need it most in our state."

YP4M also organizes the annual Little Bash in downtown Portsmouth (on hold this year due to COVID-19), and members regularly attend community events to recruit volunteer mentors and spread awareness about the positive impacts of youth mentoring.

Matt Doubleday, YP4M's president, describes the group this way: "To me, being a member of YP4M means being a part of an inclusive team that works hard and has fun."

The group provides a unique opportunity for young people interested in philanthropy. Members gain skills planning and executing high-energy community events, while supporting mentoring and connecting with other young professionals.

Member, Rachel Ness says, "Being part of YP4M means we can make a bigger impact together than any of us could do alone."

Members join for various reasons, but always find a connection and share a commitment to giving back. Let's hear from some of our members:

Joseph Ricci says, "I joined YP4M to help make a difference in the community I've spent my whole life in. It was the perfect opportunity to do volunteer work that really made a difference, while at the same time allowed me to join a group of people who were in similar points in their career as me."

Rachel Harmon describes the group this way: "The best thing I get from being a member of YP4M is connection. Our group is diverse and allowed me to meet people I otherwise wouldn't have. I'm more connected to my community and have learned of other local efforts to make change from other members. I've connected with local businesses that I now support personally, knowing they have a community focus and are willing & excited to donate to BBBS."

Tate Hartmann says,"It's a collective effort in all that we do, it means that you are part of something with a greater purpose and goal than just yourself…especially helping kids that could one day become a part of this organization."


YP4M is currently looking for new members. It is currently based on the Seacoast, but is looking to expand to other communities in the state. If you are interested in learning more, contact Linda Carter at or 603.430.1140 ext. 1026.

Come sit in on a meeting and you won't be disappointed! If you are looking for a way to leverage your professional skills to be a part of a great cause, look no further.

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