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The Benefits of Volunteering


April is National Volunteer Month, and you probably already know that our volunteer mentors are the life-blood of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire. Check out this great article from The Dallas Morning News  on the benefits of volunteering.

An excerpt:

"Recent studies have confirmed that when we do serve others, we actually also help - and heal - ourselves. The Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences is one of the first to examine peer-reviewed evidence regarding the psychosocial health benefits of volunteering. They found that volunteering can help reduce depression and is linked to better overall health and longevity.
"Why? Helping others can counteract the effects of stress, anger and anxiety because of the meaningful connection that comes from it. It can also make you feel better about yourself by boosting self-confidence. Working with pets and other animals can have the same mood-boosting effect.
"Similarly, helping others can counteract the feelings of loneliness, which has become nothing short of an epidemic in America. A recent study reported that nearly half of adults sometimes or always feels alone, putting them at risk for developing a range of physical and mental illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression."


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